Model 2010/M Ordering/Options Guide

Model 2010/M Prism coupler (includes one prism — see below). Complete system, includes 635 nm laser diode, Dell Optiplex PC, 4 GB RAM, 500 GB hard drive, 8X DVD R/W, 22″ LCD, Windows 7 or Windows 10 (please specify).
200-P-1 Prism for measuring low index films. Optimum prism for films with index <1.80
200-P-2 Prism for measuring high index films (index range 1.80-2.45)
200-P-4 Prism for measuring films over broad (1.3-2.0) index range. More durable than 200-P-3 above.
SPECIAL PRISMS 10 additional prism types are available from stock for special measurement needs, including measuring high index materials ( > 3.0), measuring SPRs, and measuring E-O coefficients.
2010-VO Option to permit rapid (30-second) conversion to non-contact, thickness-only VAMFO measurements of films ranging from approximately 2 to 150 microns.
2010-TM Option to permit observation of TM modes or film birefringence (measures index perpendicular to sample surface). In some cases, allows measurement of thickness and index of films as thin as 100 nm.
2010-TC Measures index vs temperature up to 200º C.
2010-WGL1 Waveguide loss measurement option (moving fiber) for 405-1064 nm wavelength range.
2010-WGL2 Waveguide loss measurement option (moving fiber) for 520-1600 nm wavelength range.
For applications requiring index measurement at other wavelengths, the Model 2010/M can conveniently accommodate a total of six lasers (or five lasers and a port for external user-supplied lasers). In addition, a different visible laser can be substituted for the standard 635 nm laser included with the system. With multiple sources, measurement wavelength is easily changed in less than thirty seconds.
2010-NSW-1550 Addition of nominal 1550 nm diode laser (requires option 2010-GE)
2010-NSW-1310 Addition of nominal 1310 nm diode laser (requires option 2010–GE)
2010-NSW-1064 Addition of 1064 nm solid state laser
2010-NSW-980 Addition of nominal 980 nm diode laser
2010-NSW-850 Addition of nominal 850 nm diode laser
2010-NSW-589 Addition of 589 nm solid state laser
2010-NSW-520 Addition of nominal 520 nm diode laser
2010-NSW-488 Addition of nominal 488 nm diode laser
2010-NSW-450 Addition of nominal 450 nm diode laser
2010-NSW-405 Addition of nominal 405 nm diode laser
2010-NSW-XXXX Additional wavelengths (473, 543, 594, 650, 680, 780, 830, 940 nm and others) available on request
2010-SBL-LW Secondary input port for user-supplied laser(s) with wavelengths greater than longest installed wavelength (requires option 2010-GE for use with wavelengths > 1100 nm)
2010-SBL-UNIV Secondary input port for 400-1600 nm user-supplied laser(s) (requires option 2010-GE if used with wavelengths > 1100 nm)
2010-GE Germanium detector option (required for operation above 1100 nm)
Please consult Metricon or an authorized representative for current pricing and for detailed specs of current Metricon-supplied Dell PC’s.